Welcome to the Metacommunity Membership Site! This is a resource to support community builders, both in our community building craft, and as entire human beings.

We've come together because in these difficult times we are needed more than ever, by our community members but also by our own families and friends.

Here we have a place to be seen, heard, give and receive help, and to really feel connected even though we have to stay physically distant.

If you're interested in learning about our live meetings, go to the pinned post in "Mastermind Topics and Schedule" group. If you already know you'd like to try out a complimentary meeting to see if the live meetings work for you, you can apply here - https://tamsenconnects.responsesuite.com/q/mastermindapplication

Currently there are three main ways to get involved and access the resources I'm making available through this site. Check out the video to get my official welcome and a site walk through.

1 - Visitors - You're visiting and haven't signed up yet. Many of the conversations are available to view and you can get a feel for the site and the community.
Two things I would like you to notice.
The "Let's Meet our Members" group will let you get acquainted with our core members. You can see who's here and find out what they're about. You may find you would fit right in!
If you're looking for a way to lower anxiety and boost confidence for you and your community members, the "Weekly Themes" is a useful resource. It's intended to help boost confidence with a low time and effort investment. When you're ready to participate in conversations and access the trainings, you can become a Member.

2 - Members - You sign up with your email and you can now participate in discussions, start discussions, and access the "Free Community Builder Resources" group. You show up as a user on the site, and you have joined the community - Welcome!

3 - Core Members - You are a member of the Community Builder Mastermind and this group is to support interactions in between our weekly meetings. Welcome back - let's keep the conversations going!

If you would like to be walked through how to use the site, you can click the link and watch the video: